Friday, July 23, 2010


After reading Marta's beautiful post I could not stop thinking about what "clubs" I am a part of...
  • served in the Air Force
  • love people who are real and true to themselves
  • serve in the guard   
  • gave birth to a preemie
  • live in Montana
  • date a rancher
  • own my house
  • scrapbook, stamp and paper craft
  • love to take photos
  • grew up in Arizona
  • student at UGF
  • been divorced
  • had knee surgery
  • lived in Japan
  • enjoy thrift shops
  • try to be green
  • love to laugh
  • will watch any movie once
  • wish I knew more about computers
  • want to start an etsy store
  • visited Mexico, Singapore, Spain, and Morroco
  • love to share my story and hear others
  • like to write, journal, document
  • facinated by organization techniques
  • hate math
  • obsessed with lists
  • enjoy a good quote
  • love to be up late
These are just some of the "clubs" I am a part of, they define me for right now and others forever.  These clubs also connect me to other people who share the same experiences, desires, likes, dislikes, and gifts.  Recently I made a new friend, Leah who is a mother to a preemie, an aspiring photographer and is a scrapbooker.  Oh, and I think she lived in Arizona.  We are connected by these "clubs".  I'm not sure how many matches must be met in order to be considered a friend, good friend, or really good friend.

This card is for Leah, she is taking her son home from the NICU and we wish them the best.  We will forever be connected by our experience.  Good luck!

What clubs are you a part of?  Any matches?    


JS said...

nice :)

Leah said...

ha... I was just looking at your blog and I was like... "hey that card was for me ;) Glad to see you have been able to do some cards/crafting... can't wait til I get to again. I am glad to be a connected to you these clubs ;) and yes we lived in AZ for 10 months right before we moved here.

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