Thursday, September 9, 2010

Before August 6th 2011

As promised the inspiration [our room at the Ronald McDonald House in Salt Lake City], the list and the book fixin's.

1family first
2make my home a home [already accomplished some purging and wowee it feels good!]
3drink water
4be active
5find peace
6complete a daunting task
8clean up blog
9master my camera in manual mode
10host a game night
11eli's book
12creative business
14find an organization to volunteer my time
15complete incompletes for school [2 down 4 to go!]
16pictures in frames [would love to try what Becky Higgins did here]
17complete a home improvement project [josh and ray repaired my fence, does that count?]
18be thankful
19scrapbook my stories
20journal cards for purse [printed some out, will share more on this later]
21support used, handmade or local first
23take Eli on adventures [already had a couple adventures] 
24pass my fit test
25use brushes in pse
26read [just finished life artist by ali - loved it!]
27start a happiness project group
28document it with words and photos

Thanks Elise for the inspiration to continue making these types of minibooks.

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