Wednesday, September 8, 2010

27 Book

Finally putting this book together felt good.  It has been so long since I have created- ANYTHING!  So many ideas floating in my head it was hard to harness all of them from coming out into slop.  I kept the journaling to 'the reason' and 'the result'.  This book had so many goals with good intentions.  Some were accomplished, some were no longer of value, and some still need attention.  This being my first birthday to-do book I had made it was a great way to learn what was realistic, areas- like follow through that need more attention, and that I am ever changing into the person I want to be.

Tips that I will be remembering as I put together my next birthday to do list are...
  • Take more photos to document my progress.
  • Put it together as I go along, as I was putting this book together I kept thinking 'man that goal was SO last year.
  • Add more embellishments and texture.
  • Look at my goals more often and make a plan on how I would like to execute.  This way they are more likely to get accomplished.
  • Journal more about how I feel about the goals, whether they are far fetched, easy peasy, something I've been dying to do, etc.
See the WHOLE book here.

Tomorrow stay tuned for my 28 things before I turn 29, the inspiration, the list and the book fixin's.  I am in a creatin' mood and it feels GREAT!

Thanks for the inspiration, Elise.

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kssdesigns said...

Beautiful book! I love your handwriting!

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