Tuesday, September 14, 2010

28:20 Check

  With my 28 things to do before I turn 29, keeping journal cards in my purse was #20.  Mission accomplished.  Well, maybe not accomplished, because the real reason to keep them in my purse it to fill it out as I remember the story 'right then and there'.  I printed out a variety (some stamped and printed some from this gal here so far) so I would have an option to have it match some sort of theme in my mind for the future scrapbook page that would make a home for the story.
  I cut out a library card pocket with my silhouette to store these journalling tags and taped it right into my 'to do/idea/don't forget book' I carry in my purse everyday.  Instead of writing my journalling in this book I thought what a perfect place to house cards to get it done right when it's fresh.  We'll see how I do.
  Then since I had my silhouette out and warmed up I cut another library pocket to house my coupons.  So many times I think- 'hey I have a coupon for that!' just to find that it is crumpled up in my purse and has expired.  This way they have a neat and tidy home and maybe even will get used!  Fancy that.  Now for both of these pockets to REALLY work I need to put them into action.  I'll keep you posted.

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