Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What a Weekend

Fence fixed.
Farmers Market.
Learned to pickle beets and beans.
2 nights of full sleep (gotta love grandparent sleepovers!).
Eli's 9 o'clock tantrum.
Time spent in the studio.  New and old projects coming soon.
MAJOR reorganizing and purging.  MAN does that feel good!
Birthday presents.
Eli's first stroller ride.
Thunder. Lightening. Rain. Hail. Sunshine. Rain. Rain. Sunshine.
Eli's feeding lightbulb went on for me- yay!
Red Box and air popped popcorn.  Speaking of Red box, I read in a mag somewhere that if you go here and/or here you can get free one day rental codes.  


kssdesigns said...

Look at your little big guy!! So so sweet!! Glad you guys are home and doing well!

Leah said...

Too funny.. we just got back from Ethan's first wagon ride sporting the same outfit ;)

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