Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Good ole October.  I ran 3 out of 3 mornings so far [No. 4 and No. 24 watch out!].  I have been enjoying my 2nd house guest of 4, more on this later.  Josh brought home orange roses.  Eli's wearing an 'I love my mummy onsie'.  Cleaning out my garage that has been filled with keepsakes, more on this later too.  Basically livin' it up while the weather is good, and just taking that time to smell those roses.  But as all of these things are whirling around, I can't help but focus on the mess I've created.


1 : to lay or place in a pile

2 a : to heap in abundance

   b : to collect little by little into a mass

I love to make piles.  In the office, on the kitchen table, by the door, but more importantly ALL over my creative space.  This is about to change.  Over the past 9 years I have moved 8 times and some creative piles have moved with me each time.  There are some projects from nine years ago that still have meaning to me, but sadly some do not.  Why am I holding on to them?  These piles are on my creative todo list and will never get done, but instead make me feel guilty and fill up valuable creative space physcally and mentally.  I am allowing myself to let these projects go.  Yes, gone with you old projects, you will fulfill your creative destiny by being recycled into something else.  Whether that be another creative project or the recycling bin to become a paper bag or who knows what else!

There are different piles in my creative space,
  • large and small
  • important and insignificant
  • organized and chaotic.
  • old and new
With all of these differnt types of piles some are awaiting the right project and others are gathered for a specific project.  I am no longer going to save things simply because I have been saving them in the past and have a large collection or the physcial space to do it.  These piles are taking up too much mental storage.  If they don't have a project in mind or will inspire me to create something new, down the road they go.  This will be happening more frequently, or as projects die, they will be buried immediatly rather than stinkin' up the joint!  Adios stinky projects, hello roses!  

Now the list of piles that have accumluated and my future plans for them...
  • Adios cards that are half completed or went wrong and I felt I had the creative ability to turn them into a masterpiece  
  • Hello treasures from my childhood [preserving them in a simple way is the goal]
  • Adios random class projects I don't care for
  • Hello my sisters wedding album [they're coming up on the 5 year anniversary, YIKES]
  • Adios fabric I will never use
  • Hello shadow box of keepsakes for my mother
  • Hello quote collection [you soon will be living in a snug database]
  • Adios random scraps [can't believe I still had you]
  • Hello frames to become gifts [and will mark off #16 on my list]
  • Hello Eli's baby book
  • Adios collection of cut rubber [embarrassing I kept 3 one gallon ziplock bags of this!]
  • Adios glue that got too hot/cold and doesn't work [even more embarrasing I kept 5 tubes of this!]
  • Adios old magazines [keeping them for reference has never come in handy]
  • Adios old album for a friend she never gave me photos for
  • Hello mustache book [you have been in the making for far too long, get it done already!]
  • Adios paper that came in packs I will never use
  • Hello random tidbits of goodies for minibooks [you now have a new home that's workin' great]
  • Adios old Stampin' Up demonstrator product [who needs product for something they don't do?]
  • Hello Denver mini book [you were supposed to be completed on the trip, let's knock you out]
  • Hello grateful book
  • Hello forgiveness book
  • Hello wash cloths to make into rice bags
  • Adios patterns for little girl dresses [funny to think how invincable I was when learning how to sew]
  • Hello horse book for my mother
  • Hello dog/star minibook for a friend
  • Adios minibook for other friend I've lost touch with
  • Hello goodbye minibook for friend
  • Hello 28 things minibook
HELLO to a creative mind and space I can work with.  Time to enjoy life with streamlined piles.

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Leah said...

Glad to hear you got your piles under control... now when were you coming to do mine ;) lol! The rose is pretty!

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