Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Throughout our wild adventure with Eli we have been showered with gifts and random acts of kindness.  It really is amazing to see the force that was behind all of us these past few months.  Sometimes it is hard to think of something really thoughtful, but these gifts stand out to me to remember when someone else is in need.  Thank you to all! 

People who used their skills...

  • writing... who can resist Ruth's beauties!?
  • handmade cards and more cards
  • quilted, crotcheted,sewn, tied and knitted blankets
  • personalized cuties
  • crotcheted/knitted hats and booties

  • home cooked meals or treats - enchiladas, a roast with all of the fixin's and cinnamon rolls found a new home in our bellies  

    • jazzed up diaper wipe case (love to see Josh using it!) and I feel like going to prom when I use it, thanks Leah
    • yardwork
    • cleaning the house - I'm not a housekeeper so this one is the best!
    Ways to show that you care...
    • forms of communication - the occasional text, call, or email saying 'i'm here' or 'this is something that will cheer you up!'
    • delivering food or snacks - tacos (on multiple occasions) arrived along with a mini laundry basket of snacks and even Cold Stone ice cream
    • care packages and cards - boxes of random goodies, requested and little surprises were sent while we were away from home
    • loaner DVD's to have a little time to escape
    • magazines
    • pamper yourself items - lotions (the deep down good stuff to help with our dry hands due to sanitizing every four seconds), slippers, stress relieving body wash (the spearment eucalyptus is to die for!)
    • stopping by for a visit - when being quarentined from the world visitors have been the best gift ever, some even drove/flew hundreds of miles to see us!
    • collecting mail
    It has been facinating the extent people are willing to go to help us out.  In a way it shows how they would like to be treated and what they would have really needed/liked when they were in a similar situation. 

    For instance, most folks offer to watch Eli so Josh and I can go to dinner or a movie.  I can see how this would be useful to a couple who are new parents and have not made time for each other.  Josh and I had a different introduction to parenthood, we spent 5 and a half months together 24/7, and when I say 24/7 I mean the only 'alone time' I had was in the bathroom.  Now I realize why men take 3 hours in there in the morning!  Sure they could watch Eli but we would be taking our own vehicle and eating at different places!  I will keep in mind for other folks who have a more traditional initiation into parenthood though.

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