Friday, November 26, 2010

Joining the Pen Pal Project

Monday - Saturday is my favorite part of the week, that means the [snail] mail comes!  Rarely I find my mailbox empty, when it is tons of questions enter my mind...
  • what time is it?
  • is it Sunday?
  • did I already collect it?
  • did the mail man forget my house?
So many people I know say, I NEVER get [snail] mail.  Geez, there are only a handful of days I NEVER get [snail] mail, but perhaps they are talking about the good ole' [snail] mail.  The handwritten address, the cancelled stamp, and the funky colored/shaped envelopes.  You can never have too much good ole' [snail] mail that's for sure.

I was sending out a lot of cards a few years back and sent a few to a friend.  Her husband was secretly jealous, and one day she came home to her card had already been opened.  She asked him why he opened it, and he said he had a bad day at work and needed a little pick me up and opening her card did just the trick.  Funny, [snail] mail that is not even for you is still fun to open!  And it's such a high commodity it might get stolen, so watch out.

In a movement to NEVER have 'no [snail] mail days' I joined up with Marta and Summer in their Pen Pal Project.  I love the idea.  Slowing down, making it personal, and spreading the [snail] mail love.  Filling people's mailboxes that are dying of malnutrition and simply making someone's day sounds like a lovely project.

First who would I ask?  Will people want to do it?  Would they think I am totally corny?  Who cares, I have yet to meet someone who doesn't like [snail] mail.  Junk [snail] mail sure, but this won't be junk at all.  I ordered 2 packs of postcards to officially invite my chosen pen pals.  Since Eli cannot be around children I thought what better people than the children in my life!?  The fact that I can capture their lives right now through the [snail] mail instead of face to face seems so secret, precious, and COOL!  Josh thinks I am crazy asking 5 year olds to be my pen pal, but they are psyched and openly so am I!!

Makenna's Mom asked her if she would like to be my penpal and she replied...YES!  What's a penpal?

Scotty's Mom asked him if he would like to be penpals and he said what does that mean, she told him where she would mail you stuff, he said like Nintendo DS games?

Super excited to teach them about [snail] mail!

Below are the responses I have sent out so far and I also found these postcards that made me laugh.

***Upcoming tomorrow the [snail] mail book loaded with what I have received to date.

The 'give thanks' printables were found at Living Locurto courtesy of Beth Proudfoot.

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beth said...

Thank you so much for using my printables! And with all the email communication these days, I still love to get fun snail mail now and again!

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