Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Pen Pal Project Book

This is the cover of my pen pal project book.  I will be collecting the [snail] mail goodness in here.  I created a 9 x11.5 chipboard album held together with book rings.  Each pen pal, I have 6 so far has their own section with a envie tab and page protectors that contain their goodies. I can simply slip in the [snail] mail, whatever it be, a drawing, letter, card or postcard.  This way it only takes a snap and I can go back through and smile at the little [snail] mail beauties! 
A little more about the cover.  I wanted to have a bit of lace adorning it, attaching it with staples for a more [snail] mail like feel.  In one of those crafting accidents I stapled my finger...TWICE!  Actually bled onto the vintage lace.  I guess that's one way to dye lace!  Wounded and sporting a band-aid I decided to sew the lace on- with safety being a top priority.  Note: Only two fingers were hurt in the making of this far.  I have been enjoying practicing my handwriting along with Heidi's Love Your Handwriting book.  *Will updade with the source of the mailing label printout.

Each section has a paper source envie that I will be storing items I want to mail to my special pen pals.  I attached the stories I was told about my pen pals excitement to participate.  'Courtney: Do you want to be pen pals with Lindsey?  Scott: What's a penpal?  Courtney: It's where she mails you stuff.  Scott: Ooh, like when she mailed me a Nintendo DS game!?  Courtney: No, just mail.'

'Tammi: Do you want to be pen pals with Lindsey?  Makenna: YES!!...What's a pen pal?'

This was the first letter/acceptance back.  It melted my heart.  I LOVE IT!  Thank you Marta for the inspiration to star' this project and making this letter possible.

For the love of photos, a memory that they have chose to share with you.  Much appreciated.

Alright, now I think I need an old fashioned typewriter to type up my very own pen pal letters.  The look of a typewriter, the sound, the font.  Note: Find typewriter that looks cool and works.

Ah, postcards.  I love to travel.  And the next best thing to travelling somewhere yourself is receiving a postcard from someone who has been travelling!  So exciting to see a snipit of their adventure.

Thanks for looking!  Hope you feel moved to feed someone else's [snail] mailbox.


Toni said...

Oh do I have some funny post cards to send to you!!!! I love your book. I love that I have my own tab...I'm so special! Funny that you're doing a book...I'm doing a "december" book starting...well in December. Just a small fun book documenting the month. Maybe if I'm ambitious enough I'll do one every month...YEAH RIGHT!

Anonymous said...

Moving style. I want to be able to write that way.

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