Monday, February 28, 2011

Questions About "The Question"

Well, it’s official. Josh and I are engaged. I always thought my engagement story would include, “then after I stopped squealing and crying” but not the case. He asked me to marry me and got a lil’ teary eyed himself. I of course said yes.
Now let me tell you the pre-engagement story. We were driving back from Billings after visiting his Brother Troy and soon to be Sister-In-Law Camela who were planning their wedding in full force. Seeing as though I had Josh’s undivided attention I took out my interregation lamp and started asking him all sorts of questions. There was no where for him to escape to, well I guess we were only travelling at 35 miles an hour, but it was a blizzard so he wouldn’t be jumping out. I was asking him if we were getting married what would be important to him, how would he like it to go down and so on. He had a lot of opinions and just as everything else in our relationship so far lined up almost perfectly. I am a ‘open your present before your birthday’ type of girl and can’t wait for surprises.
I asked : “Are you going to ask me to marry you this year (2010)?”

He said : “Yes.”

Shocked, I asked “Before or after I get huge?” (Eli was still calling my womb home at the time)

He said “Before.”

Funny how even though I knew Josh’s plan how life happens and takes an entirely different direction. I couldn’t stop myself from asking questions about how he was going to do it, if he had a ring, blah blah blah.

A few weeks later Josh was in the shower and his phone rang, it was his dad so I thought, I’d better answer it. He told me we needed to meet the mailman at the mailbox to pickup a package. “Sure thing.” Once we get the box, I of course want to know what’s inside it. I’m nosy. Josh told me it was his chip for his pickup. Again, Miss Nosy wanted to know what a chip looked like. We got to the ranch and he didn’t open it. It was killing me. An unopened package. I was dying to know what a chip looked like too! Next thing I know he is in the bathroom opening the package. I was like a little kid, “whatcha doin’ in there for?” He tries everything to keep me at bay but I am a professional when it comes to being nosy! Finally he breaks down and tells me it’s my ring. “WHAT!? MY RING!?” Man I am spoiled. He even showed it to me later on. And being the nosy spoiled girl that I am was wearing it around in secret! I know, horrible. We can’t keep anything from each other, which I’m sure is pretty nauseating for some. My apologies, there should have been a disclaimer that this story might make you vomit. Ha! I like how I just included vomit into my engagement story, so ‘us’.

Don’t worry, it gets worse. We went up to the mountains and I opened my big mouth and said, “this would be the perfect time to ask me to marry you”. In fact it happened at all sorts of places; the Space Needle, multiple dinners, long drives, the list goes on. I couldn’t help myself. I had diamonds on the brain I guess.

One day I realized Josh added something to the calendar. “Ask L a ?” Knowing good and well if I ruined it this time the ring would be flying off of some cliff. So I kept my mouth shut. After the entire day slipped away and Josh still hadn’t asked me “the question” I had to ask. He said, “I asked you a question today about Eli and you said yes”. Dangit, he did. Mr. Thinks He’s So Tricky. Can’t wait to be Mrs. Thinks He’s So Tricky.


Leah said...

BEA-UTI-Ful! Congratulations... its finally official since I can see the ring ;)

Toni said...

Only you could sabotage your engagement multiple times. Glad it's finally done. Now on to the wedding planning!!!! hey I know could you have ostrich feathers and ridiculous gold dresses for your bridesmaids? Maybe even some uppity shower where you do only lady like things and sip tea out of fine china? That would be FABULOUS!!!

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