Wednesday, February 9, 2011

28 Things The Update

#2 make my home a home, check.  I lived in my house for 2 years and the walls looked like a hospital.  Oh-ho, no more.  That's why I created #2 and why I crossed it off.  Feels good.  Even Josh said 'hey it looks like someone lives here now'.  While trickling my stuff into my new home (Josh's), I thought, frames are supposed to be hung instead of leaning up against the wall.  And so, the mirror Josh bought for my birthday last year from World Market, sconces from Party Lite and a Cherry Blossom number from Hobby Lobby.  All on sale of course. 

#4, be active.  Completed my 21 challenge to exercise for 10 minutes a day.  Can't wait for the ice to melt so Eli and I can beat our feet in the street.  And of course the temperatures would have to raise above 10, which I would not complain about either.

#7, COOK.  Gotta eat to live.  Might as well do it at home and save money.  Plus Stanford Montana has not caught onto the whole food delivered to your door concept I am used to.  So far I have whipped up Elise's pesto pizza, Woman's Day Pot Roast, chocolate pudding from scratch, banana bread, mushroom pot roast, meatloaf, chicken salad- I know not tough but while I'm listing things why not, Sheppard's pie, meat balls, raviolis with alfredo, lasagna and bacon baked in the oven = LOVE.  The list is a bit beefy, but when a girls got a freezer overflowing with the stuff 'BEEF, it's what's for dinner'.    

#15, complete my incompletes. english and math left and I'm a free bird!
#24, pass my fit test. Done.  Hallelujah!
More on my 28 things list, here


Kharlie Bug said...

Look at you all photography!!!! Love the mirror and sconces. I love asparagus too. But wait who's home did you hang that in, yours or Josh's?

Leah said...

Dang girl... you sure are accomplishing a lot... can I come live with you so I don't have to cook ;) I too am looking forward to getting out with the lil one. This staying in the house thing is getting old!

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